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  • * SKY PACK  sonata electric guitar - 3 tone sunburst +  1 watt belt AMPLIFIER+ electronic tuner

    Excellent start off sonata guitar in strat style if you want to play electric with added tiny transistor belt amplifier 1 watt COMES [...]

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    Special price R1599

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  • * View CAPETOWN * Sonata stratocaster electric guitar

    I deal for classic rock, commercial music or most music. Sonata  guitars have a lot of attention to detail  and  are robust with good [...]

    Regular price R1695
    Special price R1399

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  • * View CAPETOWN * Washburn WD10S12 12-String Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic

    To view this instrument in

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    Special price R3299

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  • * View CAPETOWN IK Multimedia | iRig MIX - mobile mixer for iPhone, iPad Ipod touch and Android

    The iRig MIX is a fantastic mobile mixer for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It gives you the same controls you would expect from a professional

    Regular price R1499
    Special price R1199

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  • * View CAPETOWN Irig voice handheld microphone for smartphones and tablets

    The leaders in Ios hardware for musicians IK Multimedia present this awesome colourful but serious microphone   Got a passion for singing? G

    Regular price R999
    Special price R699

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  • Hohner 91105 Set of 7 Blues Harmonica  AVAILABLE

    This 7-piece set comprises harmonicas in the most popular keys (G, A, Bb, C, D, E, F) to get you started playing folk, blues, rock or country music. [...]

    Regular price R1795
    Special price R1699

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  • Istanbul Mehmet Pro 20in samatya ride (VIDEO)

    Mehmet Tamdeger draws on many years of experience in traditional techniques of

    Regular price R3495
    Special price R1999

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  • Washburn EA10 Electric Acoustic Guitar VIDEO! RED

    Washburn Festival EA10 Acoustic Cutaway Electric Petite Jumb

    Regular price R4399
    Special price R3873

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