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We sell Professional Prudencio Saez guitars handmade in Spain  - beautiful for playing flamenco or classical music. Our partner studio in Jhb can give you lessons in the beautiful art

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Classic Guitars are smaller and have nylon strings producing a soft sound as opposed to all other guitars which have steel strings. Essentially meant to play classical music solo lines , as opposed ot Acoustic steel string or Electric guitars which are meant for JAzz Rock Blues etc.

Classical guitars are sometimes also used to softly strum along to songs when singing, though acoustic guitars make a better job of this and acoustic guitars have the stronger sound for solo lines in contemporary music .

Nevertheless student range classic guitars do provide another alternative for beginner guitarists being slightly easier on the fingers due to nylon strings, though again acoustic steel string guitars with thinner necks and played with picks are not as hard on the fingers for player over 12 years as some might imagine .

The frets should be nicely rounded and the fingerboards smooth... a pitfall to be wary of when buying very cheap guitars. Tuners should not  slip easily or the guitars go out of tune

MX   guitars display good quality control in these respects
Prudencio Saez handmade in Spain have superior fullness of sound and sensitivity to touch but are for designed advancing students of classical music

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  • * 44 size guitar PACK  View CAPETOWN Sonata  classic nylon string guitar WITH BAG and TUNER

    Ages 12 to Adult 4/4 39 in full size This guitar is beautifully finished and has a full resonant sound across the whole range. we check each guit

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  • * 44 sizes guitars View CAPETOWN Sonata  classic nylon string guitar

    This guitar is beautifully finished and has a full resonant sound across the whole range. we check each guitar and tune it ourselves before sending [...]

    Price 59.33€ 56.37€

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  • * View CAPETOWN Sonata 3/4 inch classic guitar for children 8-10 years

    Scale length 572 mm Ideal for smaller children 8-10 years beautiful finish Nice action High quality gear wound tuning  pegs

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