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BAC BEST AMERICAN CRAFSTMEN Apprentice advanced Alto Saxophone

the Bac Saxophne is designed for use right  up to Grade 8 music exams and above

Unlike cheaper models where play exists between rods and shafts which shortens lifetime  resulting in needing complete overhausls afte ra few years, the BAC is designed along jupiter conn selmer and other good brands with superior materials and craftsmanship

normally selling over R15000 we have halved the price selling wholesale to the public

The Select Saxophone was conceptualized as a no-nonsense solution for musicians to further advance over other alternatives, while offering a budget conscious option. 

In many situations, musicians find themselves purchasing at least three instruments as they progress toward a professional level instrument. Instead, B.A.C. decided to develop our Apprentice "Select" Alto Saxophone. Featuring superb craftsmanship, a heavier build, higher quality materials, additional ergonomic details (typically only found on more advanced, or professional model instruments), the BAC Select Series provides the tools needed to succeed and advance at a much more affordable price point. 

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12 months latent defects guarantee by Skysun Pty Ltd

(model in video below is the same except new version as per our photo has nickle silver plated keys:

a more elegant look)

- Yellow Brass Construction

 - Gold Lacquer
- Yellow Brass Keys
- Keyed to High F#
- Brass Fork F Key Touch
- Deluxe Brass Thumb Rest
- Hand Engraving

- silver plated keys

 -Premium Pads
- Domed Metal Resonators
- B.A.C. Pro-Line Series Deluxe Case

Yellow Brass Construction, Yellow Brass Keys, Keyed to High F#, Brass Fork F Key Touch, Deluxe Brass Thumb Rest, Hand Engraving, Premium Pads, Domed Resonators, Gold Lacquer, Deluxe Case.

Imported  by and 12 months guarantee by Skysun Pty Ltd

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