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  • *  Sonata made by Jinyin 3 valve Bb Tuba

    Attention to laquering of our Imported Tubas  meets our extremely high requirements with no corner or edge of laquer accepted as [...]

    Items sold: 27

    Price R21690

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  • * Sonata made by Jinyin 3 valve Bb Tuba - NICKLE SILVER *

    WHATSAPP 0824803045  for price Attention to niclle silver plating of Jinyin importe

    Items sold: 3

    Price R0

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  • * View CAPETOWN Sonata trombone in Bb UP*

    tested by our brass repairier colleagues this  trombone , The Jinyin trombone  has excellent slide action and a full sound . An [...]

    Items sold: 8

    Price R3195

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