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  • * BESTSELLER Practice Pipes, Scottish made

    Complete set of bagpipes, with thin brass and plastic drones and blowpipe. Made in United Kingdom Complete with Case

    Quantity: 15

    Weight: 2.00

    Price R4230 R3500

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  • * Scottish Chanter, Book and CD + video

    Good quality ABS practice chanter with the Gt Highland Bagpipe tutor book and CD + video . Made in United Kingdom

    Quantity: 15

    Weight: 2.00

    Price R2237 R2058

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  • * View CAPETOWN  Generation Pennywhistle in C (brass).

    Generation Pennywhistles are robust and have accurate tuning with long tradition behind them made in the UK Why do players prefer the key of &

    Quantity: 23

    Items sold: 2

    Weight: 11.00

    Price R320

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