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[Courante CFL100]

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Courante Flute with setup + 1 year complete performance guarantee. View CAPETOWN

Courante is brand name of Skysun Pty Ltd for which we are sole importers.

The Courante  student flute has excellent mechanism, intonation and and strong tonal properties

Comes with COMPLETE PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE 1 YEAR - fully setup valued R750

and playtested by Mike Irwin  (UTLM -UNISA teachers licentiate flute )
Click here to see why setup is important. Or how to choose a good flute

C Foot
Offest G Closed hole
E mechanism
nickle silver body
Silver plated (silver plating does not wear quickly like nickle silver or laquer plating )

This flute has a fullness of sound and resonance more than would belie  a flute in the this price and will see serious beginners through many years

Intonation is excellent and we setup to avoid even the slightest leak .
Mechanism is durable and will last a lifetime if well looked after.
Courante Headjoints provides a solid sound and are stable in the lower notes and clear in the higher notes where beginners often struggle

However this only applies when  the correct setup locally by a qualified flute technician  is done , as with most flutes in this price range as setup in the factory is never the same for flute that is R2000 vs R6000+ but our extra setup by a qualified flute technician, where needed after we play tests them,  brings them to par in flute action and pad sealing .

Flutes in the price range normally dont have an E Mechnaanism which makes all higher notes easier to play but even the this student version of Courante has an E Mechanism

Copyright Mike Irwin (UTLM) Flute teacher Licentiate 1983 UNISA

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