Skysun Pty Ltd has been for many years  Social Entrepeneur enterprise. We have run several community relief projects in Cape town shown on our Circle of Compassion Website amongst them support Haven Shelters for Homeless People in shelters, Food relief for casual workers and families Empowering small NGOS/NPOS  in the cape flats to get more direct funding


SHOULD YOU WSH TO DONATE towards MASKS for kids in impoverished areas VISORS fro soup kitchen personell OR FOOD COV PROJECTS  just let us know the exact amount (however small ) local or foreign currency and your name HERE

foreign currency translates to a lot in south africa .( even small amounts) .espcially

we will set up the exact amount and you can pay by credit card ( well send you a link )

this transaction is quick and less fees than paypal and no red tape ininternaional transactions


21/05 TBA COMING SOON . we will put small amounts of UK POUNDS 5m or 10 and son and in all currency ..well also have SNAPSCAN too an easy cellphone method fomr anywhere i the workld..well also be selling instruments here for 100^ donations to maskls and so on for kids

thank you so much



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