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DANELECTRO COOL CAT V2 Transparent Overdrive UP*

was R950 now R399

Danelectro was founded all the way back in the 40's, Danelectro has been designing guitars and music gear for a long time. Probably the most famous Danelectro product was a modified 59 DC used by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin notably on the song ''Kashmir'' and others.

So rich in tone you can almost taste it. Finicky about tone?

Then look no further because Danelectro has got you covered. The Danelectro CTO-2 Transparent Overdrive effects pedal from the Cool Cat series shines with all the classy crunch that you've come to expect from an authority on cool sound and stylish tone. The Transparent Overdrive lets more of your guitar's voice shine through, even at high overdrive settings.

It's a very useful effect pedal for everything from modern Country to American and British Rock. The gain sets the amount of overdrive applied to the signal, counterclockwise is minimum overdrive, turn clockwise to increase overdrive. As overdrive increases, low frequencies will "bloom" slightly. The treble and bass controls on this Danelectro Cool Cat Pedal adjust the tone of the overdrive sound.

The two controls are stacked; the inner control is for Treble, the outer for Bass. The volume control adjusts overall volume when the Transparent Overdrive is turned on. Usually, the Volume control is set to be a little louder than the bypassed signal, or loud enough to serve as a solo setting. There is lots of volume boost available, so you can get even low gain settings loud enough. With high gain settings, the Volume control adds another dimension of gain that will generate even more overdrive. Be careful-this guitar pedal goes way beyond eleven! The true bypass footswitch engages and disengages the pedal.

  • True Bypass (3PDT)
  • Metal Case
  • Metal Jack

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