For 2 centuries Wuhan has made cast, hand-hammered cymbals in China. The Chinese invented the cymbal for use as a musical instrument.

Wuhan is well known for their china and gong cymbals. Wuhan  also produces a line of "western" style cymbals.
Universal Percussion who owns Wuhan contributed to the creation of an excellent line of professional quality cymbals that include a tradtional, rock, and bright series. Each model is offered at prices below competing brand pro cymbals

Cymbal Models   

Wuhan's china cymbals range in size from 12" to 27". They offer rivets in the 16", 18", 20", & 22" sizes. They are describes as dark, explosive and trashy with distinct tonalities.

 Western Style- Offered in a Traditional and a Rock model. The traditional cymbals are thinner than similar models made by other cymbal companies [hi hats, crashes, rides, splashes].
  • The Western Style Rock cymbals are made heavier for better projection, sustain, and durability [hi hats, crashes, ride].   
S Series- Also regarded as the Shining S Series because this model is hand buffed to the bright finish which gives it a shimmering high end. Wuhan describes the S Series as having dark, rich tonalities, with a quick response. [hi hats, splashes, crashes, rides]

Istanbul Mehmet Professional Cymbals
  •  Istanbul Cymbals made in Turkey were the forerunners of this technique making contemporary music style cymbals.
  • We supply the mehmet and samatya range of Istanbul ;

Best sellers

  • * NEW Wuhan B10 metal  4-Piece Cast Cymbal Pack

    Handmade in China according to centuries-old traditions, . Set includes 16" crash, 20" medium ride, 14" hi-hat pair, and a Wuhan bag [...]

    Items sold: 1

    Price $353.85 $290.16

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  • 14 in 36cm wuhan tiger gong

    Items sold: 1

    Price $131.10 $116.68

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  • 16 inch  Rock Crash (Thick)

    16 inch  Rock Crash  ( Thick  ) Many drummers consider a 20" medium ride to be the all-purpose size and weight. This Wuhan 2

    Items sold: 2

    Price $101.18 $90.05

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