Cymbals Gongs and singing bowls


 For 2 centuries Wuhan has made cast, hand-hammered cymbals gongs  in China and singing bowls. The Chinese invented the cymbal for use as a musical instrument.Wuhan is well known for their china and gong cymbals. Wuhan  also produces a line of "western" style cymbals.
Universal Percussion who owns Wuhan contributed to the creation of an excellent line of professional quality cymbals that include a tradtional, rock, and bright series. Each model is offered at prices below competing brand pro cymbals

Cymbal Models   

Chinas- Wuhan's china cymbals range in size from 12" to 27". They offer rivets in the 16", 18", 20", & 22" sizes. They are describes as dark, explosive and trashy with distinct tonalities.

 Western Style- Offered in a Traditional and a Rock model. The traditional cymbals are thinner than similar models made by other cymbal companies [hi hats, crashes, rides, splashes].

  • The Western Style Rock cymbals are made heavier for better projection, sustain, and durability [hi hats, crashes, ride].   

S Series- Also regarded as the Shining S Series because this model is hand buffed to the bright finish which gives it a shimmering high end. Wuhan describes the S Series as having dark, rich tonalities, with a quick response. [hi hats, splashes, crashes, rides]

Istanbul Mehmet Professional Cymbals


  •  Istanbul Cymbals made in Turkey were the forerunners of this technique making contemporary music style cymbals.
  • We supply the mehmet and samatya range of Istanbul ;