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Since Leo Fender made the first bass in 1950 , the Fender Precision Bass, it has not really changed that much. He also made the fuirst 5 and 6 string basses but the 4 string bass remains the favourite . The strings are further apart and thus easier to play.

We also sell Acoustic bass guitars ,  fretted, 4 string, 5 string (and some 6 string), acoustic, electro acoustic and electric being the main variation, all of which have their place for more advanced players.

Best sellers

  • * Sonata 4 string bass

    AVAILABLE IN SUNBURST Black or blue * Double Cutaway Precision Bass Style * Hard Wood Body * Hard Maple Neck * Rosewood Fretboard * Adjustable [...]

    Price R2695 R2372

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  • * Sonata 5 string bass


    Price R3695 R3215

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  • * View CAPE-TOWN-DR Bass Guitar Maxwell Precision  (Black Red or Blue ) MARCH 2016 only

    Very solid guitar weve been selling for over a decade. pickups are very reliable and great clear sound. These bass guitars are made at the same [...]

    Price R2395 R1699

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