BANJO UKULELE MANDOLIN and other fretted instruments

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  • * * Csound Tenor 26 inch ukulele View CAPETOWN

    This Csound geared tune 26 inch Larger sized Tenor  ukulele  has great resonance with that extra bass and volume a tenor provides yet at 26 [...]

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    Price 92.34€ 64.68€

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  • * * View CAPETOWN  12 fret Spruce Medium grade spruce soprano ukulele

    This geared tune ukulele is excellent to learn to play on with good quality features: High grade stained spruce wood Geared tuners for accurate [...]

    Items sold: 9

    Price 43.06€ 40.47€

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  • * * Waikiki Sapele wood soprano ukulele pack with bag and tuner View CAPETOWN

    This Waikiki  geared tune ukulele is has great resonance and finish with good quality features: Comes with high quality

    Items sold: 2

    Price 52.30€ 49.16€

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