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  • * View CAPETOWN Hohner Professional Airborne 32 key Melodica Kit w bag

    Hohner invented the melodica decades ago and it became a featured instrument in so many genres including funk, dubstep, reggae, jazz, pop and folk [...]

    Items sold: 1

    Price R999

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  • * View CAPETOWN M2 Melodica 32 keys

    Comes in hard plastic case. Reliable and responsive keys Ideal for students

    Items sold: 2

    Price R399

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  • Courante Blue pearloid 20 key Anglo Concertina in bag  (video) PU*

    ANGLO CONCERTINA in C/G 20 buttons, 2 1/2 octave range, air release button to close instrument noiselessly 40 reeds

    Items sold: 2

    Price R3799

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