New Products For January

  • Fender YD15 15 watt guitar amplifier * View CAPETOWN  UP*

    The YD15 guitar practice amplifier  has a distinctive clean sound with great bass for this power. Built to last and make practice always a [...]

    Price £32.91

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  • Sonata  12 fret  Walnut Medium grade spruce soprano ukulele with BAG  * View CAPETOWN UP*

    This ukulele is excellent to learn to play on with good quality features: High grade stained spruce wood Geared tuners for accurate tuning Star [...]

    Price £32.91

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    Single-Button Stompbox for Realistic Vocal Doubling Effects

    Price £79.99

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  • D'Addario Zyex Professional Violin Strings UP* view cape town

    Zyex synthetic core strings produce an extremely warm, rich sound. Zyex strings are made from a new generation of synthetic material, creating [...]

    Price £42.33

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  • Wedgewood  cutaway Electric acoustic guitar

    Wedgewood mini jumbo 40 in guitar  has quality electronics, hardware, and fine woods allows the pristine, crystaline highs to blend perfectly [...]

    Price £103.53

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  • Sonata cello 44 size made by jinyin UP* (optional setup)

    We also offer an optional setup of bridge and tuning the strings R150 extra the sonata cllo comes with

    Price £268.32

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