New Products For January

  • BAC BEST AMERICAN CRAFSTMEN Apprentice advanced Alto Saxophone

    the Bac Saxophne is designed for use right  up to Grade 8 music exams and above Unlike cheaper models where play exists between rods and [...]

    Price $313.15

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  • Csound Tenor 26 inch ukulele with bag and tuner UP*

    This Csound geared tune 26 inch Larger sized Tenor  ukulele  has great resonance with that extra bass and volume a tenor provides yet at 26 [...]

    Price $48.55

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  • Casio CTK 7200 Keyboard w audio recording , 17 track sequencer, mixer, 820 tones 260 rhythms  View johannesburg UP*

    This is casio highest range with 32 channel mixing, recording as audio eatures only found on keyboard twice the price. Effector and everything else [...]

    Price $377.95

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  • Wedgewood  cutaway Electric acoustic guitar

    Wedgewood mini jumbo 40 in guitar  has quality electronics, hardware, and fine woods allows the pristine, crystaline highs to blend perfectly [...]

    Price $118.75

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  • DANELECTRO COOL CAT V2 Transparent Overdrive UP*

    was R950 now R399 Danelectro was founded all the way back in the 40's, Danelectro has been designing guitars and music gear for

    Price $21.55

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  • Toca synergy red  wooden bongos *  View CAPETOWN  UP*

    Toca is committed to being green and environmentally-friendly. The wood we use is harvested from a plantation in Thailand, where our drums are then [...]

    Price $29.70

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