New Products For October

  • Concertina flute C180 UP*

    Concertina flutes

    Price $97.15

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  • [WPG60 (w ropes and mallet)]

    by: Wuhan

    * Wuhan Pure  Orch  UP*

    This type of large entirely hand hemmered  gong is the first choice of the world's leading symphonies. Its one-piece cast, hand hammered [...]

    Price $351.00

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  • Aria Ak20 Classical Guitar - solid top - ebonised walnut fingerboard  UP*

    Aria guitars are hand-crafted to the highest standards. A Cut above most student brand models including some well kn

    Price $75.33

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  • * Hofner Electric  Guitar  UP*

    the Hofner electric travel guitar was first produced back in the 1980s and continues to offer a compact travel gui

    Price $107.95

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  • Korg microkey controller 25 keys * View CAPETOWN  UP*

    Price $53.46

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  • DTECH VHF Dual wireless handheld microphones * View CAPETOWN  UP*

    SA-VHF Dual Handheld Microphones System includes: 1 x VHF Receiver 2 x Handheld Transmitter Microphones

    Price $48.55

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