Laybye payments


or CLICK HERE to request a Laybe invoice based on the following:

Please read the conditions below then call or whatsapp 0824803045 with a proposal giving us this info

  1. instrument or sound equiment required
  2. how much you would like to pay and what dates 


Laybe prices are not the same as the cash prices advertised on our web

Laybe quotes are less for shorter payments and more for longer payments.

no payment exceeding 8 moonths 


  • no deposit for instruments /euipment R3500 or less
  • laybe for instruments/ sound equipment between R3500 and R6000 33 % deposit is needed
  • laybe for instruments/ sound equipment between R6000 and R8000  50 % deposit is needed
  • Laybe for any instrument over R8000 deposit will be over 50%

Laybye payments can take up to 4 months maximum

Once the first installment is paid it secures the intrument.

An admin fee of R100  is charged for laybe purchases.

We cannot accept laybye payments on multiple instruments at once..

once one has paid off one instrument one can either collect or it is delivered ( free delivery of value over R1000) unless oversized then delivery is only partially subsidised

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