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  • * * BESTSELLER PA System including  DTECH SAUHF21BL+HS  single channel  wireless  lapel/headset diver AVAILABLE

    Single Channel Professional Wireless System + 80 watt PA System DT-QR-8 powered speaker + speakers stand + bspeaekers stand bag QRK SER

    Price R5499

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  • * BESTSELLER Skysun MUD865 Vocal Microphone Value Pack

    Made in Taiwan., our clients have given us excellent feedback with these microphones comparing them very well to more expensive brands.  [...]

    Items sold: 4

    Price R1079

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  • * Shure BLX14E/CVL Q25 lapel presenter  wireless system

    Shure BLX14/CVL Q25, PG Presenter Series, UHF Wireless-System with BLX1 pocket transmitter and CVL lapel microphone, up to thomann 12 Systems [...]

    Price R7425

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