Thankyou to our clients this year and we wish all a good season angel

Please checkout and buy as usual over the season but bear in mind delivery times as follows

SLOWER DELIVERIES december 19 2019 to jan 6

OPTION A Products If your product has VIEW CAPETOWN in product title (SEE CAPETOWN CATEGORY HERE ) you can collect in capetown (please say in comment below and well make appointments any working days )

OR delivery anywhere in SA is about 2 days in capetown and 3-5 days elsewhere and not public holidays) due to less courier trucks on the road

OPTION B Products All other brand suppliers are closed those items will be collected only when they reopen JAN 4- 6 but you will receive an email within 24 hours clarifying A or B above items

Online Orders
( Majority of stock shipped from brand manufacturer to you direct 24-48 hours working days)

View more limited stock in CAPETOWN or JOHANESBURG



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