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News 03/04/19 Our new Courante (Our copyrighted trademark ) and Other brand shipment that has arrived ! see our Courante Alto saxpohone,

popular at westerford High school. Our great affordable Courante Flutes.

Our awesome little YD 15W GUitar Practice Amp the most affordable rugged and strong sounding for the price on the market (and play along with your MP3 backings.)

Skysun Pty Ltd has been in business 20 years online being one of the first online stores.  We started providing musical instruments Like Casio keyboards which had not been sold yet online selling and also our own imported brand "Courante", both affordable as wel as high quality brass, wind, strings and other brands  musicial instruments, eventually selling most brands as we do today.


Having Taught music and performing  for 15 years before we are well placed to judge the quality, the longetivity and ease of playing of musical instruments and distinguish between good affordable instruments vs  poor quality, and are proud to avoid selling all poor quality instruments.


Additionally having run Talking Wind DJ and performed instrumental music at weddings and concerts,  we have a sound knowledge of sound equipment as well.


We learnt how to transport musical instruments safely and quickly after experence with many couriers and today we have competely guaranteed delivery times of 24- 48 hours main centres as a result.

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