FREE keyboard lessons sheet music + software with keyboard purchases

scroll down and click on  to see all USB Lessons software and sheet music screenshots .

Whilst Professional  Software which can be purchased exists for professional arrangers to use with USB connections on keyboards little exiuists for YSB connection to computers for educational use for beginners.

  Mike Irwin who taught keyboard and published 4 books over 15 years has developed educational software which using the USB port connects the keybaordsot your PC to learn to read music  and has also arranged 33 easy to play songs -easier than than songs on keyboards and more suitable for beginners  see below

.For a limited time all R500 software lessons and sheet music is being offered free to any purchasers of keyboards from SA Musical Instruments

If you have already purchased a keyboard fomr another source you are also welcome to buy different packages shown below from the total R500 package