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* Sonata D830 Electric cello (BLACK)_1* Sonata D830 Electric cello (BLACK)_2* Sonata D830 Electric cello (BLACK)_3* Sonata D830 Electric cello (BLACK)_4

Electric cello and bass with bag, bow, earphone
Colour Black

Sonata made by Jinyin

Jinyin electric cellos have been compared by players we have sold to with cellos with brand names triple the price - they compare well in many respects

A Sino-American joint venture, the Jinyin Group has developed into a large musical instruments manufacturing corporation. Through Research ,Development and great sales growth after only two decades has grown into one of China's leading instruments companies. The Jinyin Group has 8 subsidiaries, 2100 employees.The annual musical instrument production reaching 800,000 pieces and more than 600,000 cases and bags for instruments.  

The Jinyin Group has two lines of instruments: JY series targeting at musical instrument beginners. EVA series intermediate-and high-end products with part of the processing reaching the standards and technical specifications of some well-known international instruments brands, which instantly won the favor of many instrument masters and fans.

Jinyin Group has established good relationship with a number of instruments experts and music universities from both at home and abroad

OPTIONAL SETUP R220: (please contact us for a manul invoice adding this cost if your require this 
setup the bridge and stretch the strings gradually when tuning over some hours
including Electrics are test played

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