Keyboards Standard-Learners

Standard keyboards are beginners keyboards which depend on your ability to read the written note. They are advised for very self disciplined learners as the reading method, while essential in the long term, is slower and less rewarding at first than the memory lighting keyboards keybords

61 keys have more range than 49 keys and can play piano music a little better

Standard keyboard may or may not have recording . Bear in mind recoding to play back is only of value iof a teacher uses it. A beginner without a sense of rhythm cannot use it until they have developed enough rhyhm to play along with recording s as back tracks (that takes about 2 years )

They may or may not have a Step learn to read program Bear in mind all these Step learn to read programs require about a music exam grade 2 minimum standard (take about 2-3 years of lessons ) before a student is able to use them
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