Acoustic Electric Guitar

Scroll down and click on image for details of electric acoustic steel string guitars

 Electric Acoustic guitars like steel stringed acoustic guitars haveare better suited to rock pop or contemporary music, picking and strumming if you want an authentic more natural sound than electric guitars 

 Jumbo 41 inch sizes are fine for large hands  but for woman in most cases and children from 12 upwards (average size a very slightly smaller 39 inch with a thinner neck allows one to easier  play more than one string at a time ( as in chords )

A n amplifier does make playing easier at first as notes die away more slowly when playing slowly while learning a tune, and also well, just sounds great, but can also be added at purchase or later

 ( one can play Electric Acoustics without Amps too )

but for beginners a guitar tuner and picks are essential for a beginner, as tuning aurally alone to months to achieve - see guitar packs or add your own from accessories

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