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  • * Bestseller View JOHANNESBURG Sonata 4/4  classic nylon string guitar

    This guitar is beautifully finished and has a full resonant sound across the whole range. we check each guitar and tune it ourselves before sending [...]

    Price 55.38€ 53.72€

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  • LK240  Casio Keyboard Lighting model 61 keys * View JOHANNESBURG.

    Demo showroom  model hardly played. 12 month guarantee by casio.

    Items sold: 2

    Price 246.33€ 129.29€

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  • Talent Trumpet in Bb TA-LTR190L * View CAPE TOWN

    Last one left at old prices from 2012 with a little more discount. The talent trumpet is of highwer nquality than

    Items sold: 14

    Price 196.81€ 171.22€

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