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As we are from a woodwind teaching background, we are able to play all out clarinets we imports before sending out.

Feel free to come over and well play the clarinet  it for you in capetown

If you are ordering online from elsewhere be assured The mechanism of the rods is carefully checked and springs too as well as the few pads on the clarinet for closing . It is quite remarkable how in the recent decades so many brands are being made at 1/3 of the cost of the "traditional older " brands that easily compete despite the price.

We can also recommend upgrades in affordable mouthpieces. write to us here

This is a lot due to the fact that all clarinets for students are made in ABS resin which is a relatively inexpensive Nevertheless the final assembly is not always of the same level. This is why when you buy from a shop, ensure the shop can "play what they sell" This might sound like stating the obvious but no shop can have sales able to play 20 different instruments!  

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