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Highest sounding of all the saxophones is the soprano saxophone made famous by Kenny G. Soprano saxophones can be curved or straight  and require a tighter embouchure than the lower sounding saxophones . This makes them a litle more difficult to master

Also because keeping them in tune takes a while but  soprano saxophones  being smaller saxophones in some respect, they are easier to handle for younger children and many teachers start children on them too. It can be both  a straight sax saxophone (ala kenny G) or as in this video a curved version :

Next lowest are the Alto saxophones, by far the most popular saxophone due to its nice combination of high and lower notes and strong sound. Most students start of with an alto but its not a requirement to start . The have a slighter looser embouchure requirement ( Tightening of the lips which takes some time to master but perhaps not quite so much as a soprano ) Teachers teach these to younger or older students . Countless great players have made this instrument famous

Then there is the Tenor Saxophone , also one of the main three types . Larger and lower sounding than the alto saxophone, the tenor has a great "growl and lower note strength. It requires some basic physical strength due to more weight and more breath due to the larger tube volume so not recommended for younger children .The embouchure lip tightness though is a little easier to start than the 2 higher sounding saxophone

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