We supply alto. tenor. soparno and barione saxophones and have a good background in woodwind instruments, mike irwin having taught for several years.

Saxophones come in student level, ( to about grade 5 , more advanced student to about grade 8 and then semi pro and pro saxophones.)

The Soprano, alto , tenor, Baritone all have different ranges and different difficulties. the most commonly played is the Alto. see our articles here for more details

Best sellers

  •  Alto Saxophone metal mouthpiece

    Comes with m ligature reeed and cap.. video comparing plastic and metal ( not this metal one but another one )

    Items sold: 28

    Price R1095 R1013

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  • * View CAPETOWN Jupiter Tenor saxophone JTS 587 GL

    LIMITED TIME ONLY at this price. The Jupiter JTS-587 Tenor Saxophone is a recommended student model with

    Items sold: 4

    Price R28000 R22120

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  • * View CAPETOWN Saxophone stand

    Stand for saxophones , flute and clarinet- multipurpose

    Items sold: 5

    Price R239

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