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[WPG60M (w ropes and mallet)]

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Wuhan large meditation hall gong 60cm (not including stand)* view CAPETOWN

This type of large entirely hand hemmered  gong is the first choice of the world's leading symphonies or for meditation halls 

Its one-piece cast, hand hammered construction is crafted in century old tradition.

This 60cm is also extremely powerful and can reverberate throughout large warehouse/office spaces when used sales marketing

The Chinese have used gongs as a ritual instrument for thousands of years. The deep tones clear the air before special events. The unique sound of each style of gong is used to signify a different kind of event. The Chau Gong is used to announce the arrival of a government official, warning people to clear the street, much as a police siren is used today to lead a procession.

The renown Wuhan® gongs are used today by symphonies around the world. In addition, gongs are appearing in a variety of musical venues to add depth and special effects. Try combining your talent with a Wuhan® gong and be amazed at what you create!

Each gong ships with a free mallet and optional stand

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