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We specialise in electric guitars, Fender Electric , Washburn as well as other excellent cheaper electric guitars made in China ideal for beginners with only small differences to the well known brands a lot more expensive.

Played through guitar amplifiers or headphones (most amps have headphone sockets too).
Electric guitars are ideal for rock , metal or just beautiful lyrical melodies or as rhythm strumming ( 2nd ) guitars in bands.
The sustain power of electrics means on can twist notes , tremolo them, and if floyd rose bridge, can dive bomb through pitch extremes like jimi Hendrix and even adjust tuning when playing

As electrics have more than one pickup, (some more than others ) by switching between different pickup combinations ( 3 ways or 5 ways ) with the pickup switch selectors completely different combination of tone colours can be used,

Washburn  guitars, establish in 1885 in the USA continue to produce beautifully finished and great sounding guitars with excellent setup with  pickup heights optimally adjusted to prevent buzz even at extreme volumes and play in perfect tune for intermediate electric guitar players playing high on their frets as wll as truss rod neck angle adjustments are also made. Nut and saddle heights are cut to the exact height to facilitate fast playing close the fretboard with the lightest of touch.

No electric guitars come off the factory guitar like this except very expensive custom guitars . Fender needs no mention, and while more expensive remain a cut above any other brand to this day with amazing easy to play feel and just out of this world electric guitar sound . Also our fender and cort  guitars are excellent value for money




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